Energy Storage And BMS

In recent years, with "peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality" becoming a global consensus, the strategic importance of renewable energy, represented by photovoltaics and wind power, has been highlighted. Energy storage, as a key technology supporting the development of renewable energy, has also witnessed rapid growth. With the rapid development of electrochemical energy storage, the safety management of power stations has become a focal point of attention. According to incomplete statistics, there have been over 30 safety accidents related to electrochemical energy storage power stations worldwide in the past decade, with the majority occurring in the past 5 years. Both national and local governments have introduced multiple policies and standards to strengthen the safety management of energy storage power stations. Among them, Battery Management System (BMS), as the "brain" of energy storage power station batteries, is responsible for real-time monitoring of battery parameters, thermal management, balance management, alarm notification, and other functions, making it a key focus of various policy standards.


  • Energy Storage BMS Control

    Application Summary: BMS hardware includes main control boards, subordinate boards, and communication interfaces, among others. The main control board is the core of the entire BMS system, responsible for data processing, execution of control strategies, and communication with other devices. Subordinate boards typically include battery state monitoring modules, balance management modules, thermal management modules, etc., which are responsible for performing specific management tasks. Communication interfaces primarily use the CAN bus to facilitate information exchange between BMS and other devices or systems

Energy Storage And BMS
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