With the development of electronic technology of new energy vehicles and autonomous vehicles, CAN and LIN have been widely used in automotive networks. Controller Area Network (CAN) was originally designed by the company of Bosch for monitoring and controlling automotives. As a remote network communication control mode with high reliability, CAN is gradually been used in various control fields and has become a key component of vehicle and industrial communication. The role of CAN network in the car is just like the neural network in the human body. CAN bus is essential in the communication between the components and the ECU. The Local Interconnect Network (LIN) is a low-cost serial communication network for automotive applications, which is used to control distributed electronic systems in automobiles. With the rapid development of new energy and autonomous driving cars, the need for LIN transceivers is also increasing, which puts more requirements on the ECU electronic equipment in the limited PCB layout space. Currently.


  • Vehicle battery management system(BMS) application

    Functional safety for battery management system(BMS) applications is critical because lithium-ion batteries posed a significant safety risk when operated outside of their safe operating area. At present.

  • Automotive gateway application

    The automotive gateway controller is a router between various electrical and optical bus in the car. The primary role of the gateway is to provide secure communication between the network and the ECU, like a bridge between the vehicle's many internal networks and the external networks of the outside world. Automotive gateway can be simply understood as a translator. As a data interaction hub of the vehicle network, automotive gateway is the core component of the vehicle electronic and electrical architecture. The core function is to enable the transmission of data across multiple networks within the vehicle (CAN, LIN, MOST, FlexRay, etc.)

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