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Hunan Silicon Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd (SIT) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in mixed-signal integrated circuit design, and now is an independent operating brand of OmniVision Group. SIT is also a "Member Unit" of China Semiconductor Industry Association, a "Member Unit" of China Automobile Industry Association, a "Member Unit" of German CiA (CAN in Automation) Association, and a "Director Unit" of Shenzhen Automobile Electronics Industry Association.

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   Nowadays more and more electronic equipment has been used in vehicles. The data collection and transmission between electronic devices and central control system need to be transmitted via the in-vehicle network, which included CAN bus, LIN bus, FlexRay, MOST bus, Ethernet and so on. With the development of electronic technology of new energy vehicles and autonomous vehicles, CAN and LIN have been widely used in automotive networks.  



With the continuous progress of science and technology, automation and intelligence have become an important trend of industrial development. Many traditional production processes are being replaced by automated systems, resulting in increased production efficiency and quality. Intelligent technology is also widely used, such as the Internet of things, big data analysis and artificial intelligence, which makes the production process more intelligent and flexible.



     In recent years, with "peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality" becoming a global consensus, the strategic importance of renewable energy, represented by photovoltaics and wind power, has been highlighted. Energy storage, as a key technology supporting the development of renewable energy, has also witnessed rapid growth. With the rapid development of electrochemical energy storage, the safety management of power stations has become a focal point of attention. According to incomplete statistics, there have been over 30 safety accidents related to electrochemical energy storage power stations worldwide in the past decade, with the majority occurring in the past 5 years. Both national and local governments have introduced multiple policies and standards to strengthen the safety management of energy storage power stations. Among them, Battery Management System (BMS), as the "brain" of energy storage power station batteries, is responsible for real-time monitoring of battery parameters, thermal management, balance management, alarm notification, and other functions, making it a key focus of various policy standards.


Ladder Control

   With the advancement of the urbanization process, the development trend of intelligence and digitalization, and the requirements of environmental protection and energy conservation, the ladder control industry will continue to obtain market demand, and continue to innovate and develop. As an important vertical transportation field, the ladder control industry will provide better vertical transportation solutions for the urbanization process and people's lives.  



   The power industry will face the transformation of smart grids and digitization. The smart grid will improve energy efficiency and reliability through real-time monitoring and management of the power system. At the same time, digital technology will also change the operating mode of the power industry, including intelligent measurement, power trading, and data analysis.  




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